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Gail K. Golden, psychotherapist and poet

Social worker, Gail Golden received an MSW from NYU in 1967 and worked for some years with various agencies that served children. Her research interests broadened over time to include many other aspects of family and community life (domestic violence, racism, social justice and human services). She has also received an Ed.D in 1987 for her work in theories of creativity.

For more than thirty years, she has been the Clinical Director of Volunteer Counseling Service in Rockland County, NY, a psychotherapist with a clinical practice serving adolescents and adults, and a community activist. Her years of clinical work with people suffering from all forms of oppression motivated her to participate in many groups and coalitions that work for social change.

Gail Golden is also a published poet. Her poetry and articles can be read on her website, which has been designed by her friend and fellow poet Han-hua Chang.



What is liberation ? Feminism past, present and future , par Gail K. Golden, psychotherapist and poet

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